The Unveiling of The Point Project Mural: A Celebration of Community Spirit

The Point Project - Unveiling the Completed Sanctuary Point Skate Park Mural

On Wednesday, 22nd May 2024, the Sanctuary Point Skate Park was excited as the community gathered to celebrate the unveiling of the much-anticipated mural, part of The Point Project. This vibrant public art, created by renowned street artist Muchos in collaboration with local youth and community members, was officially opened by Deputy Mayor Matt Norris.

The opening event was a true testament to the spirit and unity of Sanctuary Point. The ceremony included a heartwarming performance by the Sanctuary Point Public School‘s choir, whose voices set a festive tone for the afternoon. Following this, the First Nations Dance Troupe captivated the audience with their powerful and culturally rich performance, honouring the land and its traditional custodians.

Deputy Mayor Matt Norris delivered a poignant speech about the project, underscoring the importance of community involvement and the transformative power of public art on local spaces. His words resonated with the audience, many of whom had contributed ideas and feedback during the mural’s conceptualisation phase, further reinforcing the significance of this community-driven initiative.

Deputy Mayor Matthew Norris opened the mural. Source: Shoalhaven City Council

Afternoon tea provided the perfect opportunity for attendees to mingle, reflect on the mural’s journey, and appreciate the sense of community that made it possible.

Following the official proceedings, Firefly organised fun activities at the skate park, complete with giveaways that the attendees appreciated.  Skateboarders, bikers, and spectators engaged in the activities, enjoying the enhanced space that now features the colourful mural.

The mural, a vibrant blend of themes such as fauna, Aboriginal and skate culture, is a reflection of our community’s identity and aspirations. Its creation was a collaborative effort, with local students from Sanctuary Point Public School and Vincentia High School playing a crucial role in voting for the final design. This inclusive approach ensures that the mural truly belongs to the community it represents.

Mural Photo
The Firefly team, Shoalhaven City Councillors, Tony Smith from Vincentia High School, Belinda Doyle, Principal at Sanctuary Pont Public School and Council staff at the Opening. Source: Shoalhaven City Council

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