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Firefly are working in collaboration with other organisations to bring fun events and activities to the Sanctuary Point Skate Park.

Project Details

The Point Project - Completed Sanctuary Point Skate Park Mural
Photo By Simon Grant

Initial Efforts and Upgrades at the Skate Park

Since 2020, Firefly has been hosting events and activities at the Sanctuary Point Skate Park to create better spaces for young people in our community. This work began with behaviour mapping of the skate park in 2020 which supported its upgrade by the Council in 2021. The upgrade included new outdoor fitness equipment, a water fountain, drainage improvements, landscaping, site beautification, signage, a shade shelter, seating, a picnic table, and adjustments to the Ping Pong/Table Tennis table. The basketball court was resurfaced, and a new hoop was installed. 

Continued Revitalisation

In late 2022, Firefly partnered with Shoalhaven City Council again to further revitalise the skate park, aiming to increase the community’s sense of ownership over the space, especially the youth. The Point Project, a collaboration between Shoalhaven City Council, Verb Syndicate, and Firefly, was developed to create a mural in consultation with the community. The project aimed to revitalise the skate park by bringing young people and the community together to create a vibrant and safe public space.

Community Involvement and Consultation

The project began with Firefly Bay & Basin conducting comprehensive community consultations focusing on young people. This included a “Big Brainstorm” at the 2022 Spring into Sanctuary Point Festival with about 60 young participants and other youth-focused events throughout 2023. An online survey was conducted from December 2022 to April 2023 and was promoted through social media, youth engagement events, and pop-up events, resulting in 135 responses. Firefly also organised a site visit with Sanctuary Point Public School’s Student Representative Council members and avid skate park users to discuss The Point Project. 

Insights from the Community

During the consultation, the community shared what they love about their area, favourite activities, and must-see spots for young people. The survey revealed the community’s desires, including: 

  • Themes: Fauna, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art/culture, skate-related elements, marine life, pride/diversity, and cartoon/graffiti styles. 
  • Future Aspirations: Cleanliness, family-friendliness, and safety at the skate park. 
  • Beloved Community Aspects: Beaches, friendly people, and a welcoming atmosphere. 
  • Favourite Activities: Visiting the skate park, biking, going to the beach, and socializing with friends. 
  • Imagery: Nature, the skate park, and beaches. 

The survey highlighted the young people’s desire for the mural to reflect the natural environment and cultural heritage while emphasising the importance of a clean and secure gathering space. 

Design and Implementation

Firefly presented these themes to Verb Syndicate’s Mural Artist Muchos, who created three concept designs. Verb Syndicate and Muchos consulted with key stakeholders, including Shoalhaven City Council, Firefly Bay & Basin, and an Aboriginal Elder. These discussions ensured that the mural authentically reflected Sanctuary Point’s natural and cultural aspects. 

Sanctuary Point Public School and Vincentia High School students voted on the three mural designs, ensuring the skate park’s custodians had a say in their space. This decision reflects Firefly’s commitment to co-design and empowering young people to participate in their community. 

The Final Mural

In April 2024, Muchos painted the mural at the skate park. The result is a vibrant, fun, and dynamic mural that beautifies the skate park and resonates with the younger generation, who will enjoy it for years to come. 

Firefly will continue activating the skate park with events, including skate and riding workshops. To continue hearing about Firefly’s great work, join our mailing list by inserting your details below. 

Photos of the completed mural and artist by Simon Grant (@simongrant948)
Professional photos of young people enjoying the skate park taken by Brad Sissins .

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