More access to afterschool programs for Bay and Basin young people

Bloom Project

Our work goes beyond innovative program design and connection. We also work hard in the background to bring opportunities and shift resources to the Bay and Basin.

One of our community goals is to give 10-14 year olds access to diverse life experiences and strong role models.

When our coordinator Carolyn met with Avalon from Sonder Youth we knew this fantastic opportunity was one that the Bay and Basin young people would embrace.   We put our heads together and Avalon has tweaked the ChangeMakers program to focus on the tween age group. We are excited to partner with Sonder Youth to bring this amazing 10 week afterschool program in Term 4.

The Changemakers Program is about putting your ideas for positive change into action. The program brings passionate young people together to develop a ‘Change Project’ to tackle an issue that matters to them. 

As part of the Changemakers Program young participants will: 

  • Design and create your own social or environmental campaign, movement or social business 
  • Receive $100 towards your project 
  • Have a short video made about you and your project
Sonder Youth Poster

Bloom Where you are Planted program just as popular second time around

Bloom was developed in 2020 to meet a gap in community to deliver a community based resilience program for year 5 and 6 girls transitioning to adolescence.  We have designed BLOOM2 and welcome 5 new community volunteers to share their skills and connections with the girls in the program. Our community volunteer’s strengths are in counselling, communication, art, fitness, wellbeing and adolescent health.

The vision of the program is to partner with community and services to increase young girl’s tookits around resilience. We address this by sharing tips and activities around kindness, wellbeing, goalsetting, positive relationships and gratitude. Whilst Bloom2 is currently on COVID-hold we are still sharing resilience tips with the participants at home.

Our week one community volunteer Michelle loved the way the girls engaged so enthusiastically.

“I love being able to share a message with our youth that we are all here for a purpose and we are all valued the same, no matter where we come from or what we look like we all have the same worth and value.”

Michelle, community volunteer

We are continuously improving the program to bring BLOOM3 in Term 4 for Bay and Basin year 5 and 6 girls. 

Booking are open for BLOOM3 please get in touch to book your young tween in: call or text 0468 600 574. If you are a community service provider and you are interested in co-design or being involved in this program reach out today “innovation takes collaboration”.

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