Kindness and Connection during COVID

Covid Response

During COVID Firefly created and distributed 300 care packs to community members. These packs were developed after consulting with the community on what they wanted to ensure connection continued.

“The packs were great, I used my cards to place in the letter boxes of my neighbors so they knew I could do their shopping if they needed it.

Sally, Sanctuary Point, 2020

The packs contained health messages and contact numbers put together by the Shoalhaven Suicide Collaborative, a free resource, information on children’s podcasts available for families, and connection cards developed with Sanctuary Point Community Pride and Sanctuary Point Connect.

This idea was noticed by the Anti-Poverty Committee in the Shoalhaven and the Shoalhaven City Council who then developed and distributed the cards across the broader Shoalhaven area.

Locals really wanted to make sure that the people in the community showing kindness were acknowledged, so we launched our community kindness campaign. The recipients are listed at the base of this post.

Carolyn, our Firelfy coordinator, also volunteered at Meals On Wheels because the organisation’s volunteers were aged over 65 and unable to come out in the community during self-isolation. It was a great experience.

I really enjoyed helping out on meals on wheels the cooking was fun and the meals looked great. Definitely an organisation I will volunteer with in the future.

Carolyn, Firefly Coordinator

Bay & Basin Kindness Recipients:

Christine McInerney-Percy

Fran Mooney

Karen Chambers

Rodney Mitchell

Sharon Goldsmith

Colleen Allen

The staff at Sanctuary Point Public School


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