Project: Youth Voice: Phase 2

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Discover Phase 2 of Firefly’s Youth Voice Project, empowering Vincentia High School students to turn ideas into tangible change.

Project Details

Welcome to Phase 2 of Firefly’s Youth Voice Project, where the transformative journey of Vincentia High School students continues as they transition from envisioning change to making it a reality.

Empowering Transformation

In 2023, 14 students from Vincentia High School embarked on a journey to become peer researchers and changemakers. In 2024, they stand ready to translate their evidence-based pitches into tangible change, empowered by their passion for positive transformation.

Youth Voice 2023

A Journey of Empowerment

Their journey began with a comprehensive survey that delved into issues affecting them and their peers. Four compelling pitches emerged from this groundwork, each rooted in evidence and driven by a desire for meaningful change.

The Pitch Party

In late October 2023, the community gathered for a special Pitch Party at Vincentia High School. With over 20 attendees, including local council officials, representatives from the Education Department, and members of service organisations, the event was a vibrant showcase of the student’s ideas.

The Pitches Unveiled

  1. Basin View BMX Track Revitalisation: Caitlyn, Phoebe, Jasmine, and Emma envisioned transforming the Basin View BMX track into a vibrant community hub. Their pitch included plans for renovations, upgraded facilities, and various activities to engage local youth.
  2. Self-Expression Wall: Lani, Tasmin, Axelle, and Grace proposed self-expression walls as creative outlets for young people. Collaborating with community organisations, their pitch aimed to provide spaces for artistic expression.
  3. ASD Support Service: Lillie-Rose’s project sought to create a support network for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and their families. The initiative aimed to foster understanding and inclusion within the community.
  4. Breakfast Club Increase in Days: Ashlee, Abbey, Luca, and Chloe aimed to enhance the Vincentia High School Breakfast Club, making it available every day of the week to ensure students start their day with a nutritious meal.

Phase 2: Turning Dreams into Reality

Building on the community’s positive response, 11 original students have chosen to continue their journey into Phase 2. Supported by Firefly, Youth Insearch, Uniting, and dedicated teachers, they will work tirelessly over the next three terms to bring their visionary pitches to life.

Benefits to the Students

In addition to creating positive change within their community, students participating in Phase 2 of the Youth Voice Project will experience several personal and professional benefits:

  • Attend the Secondary Youth Leadership Conference in Darling Harbour: Students can attend this prestigious conference to network with other youth leaders and gain valuable insights into leadership and community engagement.
  • Compensated for Your Time: Recognising the dedication and commitment of the students, they will be compensated for their time and efforts throughout Phase 2.
  • Affect Positive Change for Local Young People: By implementing their projects, students will directly impact the lives of their peers and community members, fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment.
  • Overnight Trip to Sydney: Students will enjoy an overnight trip to Sydney, where they can explore the city and celebrate their achievements.
  • Build Skills in Advocacy and Research: Through communication training provided as part of the project, students will develop essential skills in advocacy and research. They will learn how to effectively communicate their ideas, engage with stakeholders, and conduct research to support their initiatives, empowering them to become effective advocates for positive change in their community.

The Journey Ahead

While challenges may arise, including bureaucratic processes and the need for adjustments, the students will receive guidance and support every step of the way. Through collaboration and innovation, they will emerge with invaluable skills in communication and project management, ready to create lasting change in their community.

Youth Voice Roadmap and Uniting Review

Youth Voice Roadmap, a comprehensive report outlining research findings and insights gathered by Western Sydney University, supports the Youth Voice Project. This roadmap serves as a valuable resource for our community and service organisations, aiding in the development and implementation of programs tailored to the needs of local youth.

Additionally, the Youth Voice Evaluation Report by Dr Anne Dwyer, Principal Researcher with Uniting, ensures that the project remains aligned with best practices and continues effectively empowering young voices.

Stay Tuned for Updates

The Youth Voice Project exemplifies the power of collaboration and the determination of young minds to make a difference. Follow along by joining out mailing list as these students continue to illuminate change, turning ideas into actions that resonate with the spirit of their community.

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