Youth Voice Projects Update

Vincentia High’s students are transforming ideas into action with projects like creative expression walls, BMX track revamps, a daily breakfast club, and ASD support initiatives.

Exploring Sydney through the eyes of Youth: Youth Voice Project

Youth Voice In Sydney

In the bustling city of Sydney, amidst the iconic landmarks and vibrant culture, a group of young changemakers from Vincentia High School embarked on a journey of advocacy and leadership. Armed with boundless curiosity and their trusty smartphones, these young individuals captured the essence of their experience, which we at Firefly hope will shape their […]

Empowering Youth: Ask, Amplify, Act mini-documentary released 

Youth Voice Project - WSU visit

Vincentia, 15th February 2024In an atmosphere of excitement and celebration, Vincentia High School welcomed the highly anticipated Youth Voice Project video “Empowering Youth: Ask, Amplify, Act”, which premiered today. The Performance Space at Vincentia High School buzzed with anticipation as participants, families, and the school community gathered for a unique visual journey that captured the heart of the Youth […]