Celebrating Young Talent

Congratulations to the winners of the WRSC Poster Competition! Your creativity and dedication to wildlife conservation are inspiring!
Poster Competition Winner

Winners Announced for Wildlife Rescue South Coast Poster Competition

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the recent Poster Competition organized by Firefly Bay and Basin in collaboration with Wildlife Rescue South Coast (WRSC). This competition aimed to foster creativity and raise awareness about wildlife conservation among young artists, and we were overwhelmed by the incredible response and talent showcased by participants from across the region.

And the Winners Are…

Overall Winner – Zemene – 8 years
Zemene has been awarded a $100 prepaid Visa gift card and an exclusive opportunity for WRSC to visit their school and give a talk about their vital conservation work.

Highly Commended – Charlie – 9 years and Sol – 15 years

People’s Choice – Marcus – 9 years: Animal Plushie

The competition highlighted the remarkable talent and passion of young artists, who used their creativity to emphasize the importance of wildlife conservation. The winning entries stood out for their artistic excellence and the powerful messages they conveyed.

Celebrating Creativity and Conservation

“We are incredibly proud of all the participants,” said Christine, Community Connector at Firefly Bay and Basin. “The level of creativity and commitment to wildlife conservation displayed in these posters is truly inspiring. Congratulations to our winners and a big thank you to everyone who participated.”

“All the posters are fantastic, great talent, it’s hard to pick just one!” a member of WRSC said. “Thank you to all who took part;  you are our future carers of wildlife. We look forward to having these on some of our fences in the near future to remind drivers to slow down and to call WRSC on 0418 427 214 if you see injured wildlife,” said Judy, WRSC Project Coordinator.

In addition to the prizes, WRSC will contact Zemene’s school to organize a special session where students can learn more about wildlife conservation directly from the experts. This unique opportunity will allow students to gain valuable insights and knowledge about the important work being done to protect our wildlife.

Thank You to All Participants

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the young artists who participated in the competition. Your creativity and dedication to wildlife conservation are truly commendable. Even if you didn’t win, your efforts have significantly impacted and helped raise awareness about the importance of protecting our precious wildlife.

We also thank the Bomaderry Bowling Club for its support through Club Grants. Their contribution has been vital in making this competition a success.

Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities and events from Firefly Bay and Basin.

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