Youth Voice Projects Update

Vincentia High’s students are transforming ideas into action with projects like creative expression walls, BMX track revamps, a daily breakfast club, and ASD support initiatives.

Turn the Dumps into Jumps!

Join the Youth Voices movement to Revitalize the Basin View BMX Track! We are three Year 9 students from Vincentia High School and Firefly Bay and Basin’s Youth Voice Project members. We are conducting a community project to get the council to prioritise revitalising the Basin View BMX track. This youth-led project aims to transform […]

Introducing Beyond the Spectrum

Pitch Party - Beyond the Spectrum

Join Lillie-Rose’s “Beyond the Spectrum” survey to support young carers! Share your activity preferences and help shape future support services. Your voice matters!

Youth Voice Project Roadmap 

Youth Voice Tshirt

Discover the Firefly Youth Voice Project Roadmap, a collaborative initiative amplifying young voices for positive change in Vincentia High School and beyond.

Youth Voice: Phase 1

The Youth Voice project is a youth led, youth research initiative being delivered in partnership and collaboration within the Bay and Basin community.