Empowering Youth: Ask, Amplify, Act mini-documentary released 

Youth Voice Project - WSU visit

Vincentia, 15th February 2024In an atmosphere of excitement and celebration, Vincentia High School welcomed the highly anticipated Youth Voice Project video “Empowering Youth: Ask, Amplify, Act”, which premiered today. The Performance Space at Vincentia High School buzzed with anticipation as participants, families, and the school community gathered for a unique visual journey that captured the heart of the Youth […]

Together, we are Brilliant: A Year of Firefly Highlights.

Highlights of 2023

As we bid farewell to another incredible year, it’s time to reflect on the journey of Firefly Bay and Basin in 2023. From the inception of The Point Project to the unveiling of the refreshed brand and website, each moment is a testament to Firefly’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and connected community. Let’s delve […]

Springing into Community Engagement: The 2023 Poster Competition Recap

Spring into Sanctuary Poster Competition

Community engagement is at the heart of building vibrant and thriving communities. One effective way Firefly fosters community spirit and involvement of young people in the Bay and Basin is through events and initiatives that bring people together—in collaboration with Sanctuary Point Community Pride, Firefly Bay and Basin recently organized the “Spring into Sanctuary Point […]

Poster Competition

Poster Compeition

Unleash your creativity and join the Poster Design Competition for Spring into Sanctuary Point Street Festival!

Small Steps Program

Small Steps Workshops

Small Steps is an anxiety awareness program for Teachers, Parents and Carers,

Young people help create change for the community

Skate Park

On a sunny Thursday afternoon in the middle of Youth Week 2021, the Firefly team, Sanctuary Point Pride, Fran Mooney, and community members brought young people and families together to increase their connection to the skate park. The event started days before with a call-out for volunteers to come and do a clean-up in preparation. […]

Come Try Me Day!

Save the Date for the Come Try Me Day in Sanctuary Point on 20 February 2021.