Project: Curious and Creative

Supporting young people to be curious and creative

Working with community to re-engage young people.

Project Details

Working in partnership with community and community groups is one of the ways in which Firefly look to effect positive outcomes for young people in our area.

Curious and Creative is a student re-engagement and pathways program we helped develop and deliver in partnership with BCR Communities and Vincentia High School, in answer to an identified need for young people in the Bay and Basin community finding it hard to re-enter school life post COVID lockdowns.

Each week students come together to gain incredible skills and express themselves in a range of fun and artistic ways. Workshops have included African drumming, ceramics, cooking, gardening, painting, photography, radio recording, woodwork, and life skills. The group has loved getting their hands into many different activities – some messier than others – discovering new interests and unlocking their talents.  

These activities are designed to help students build their confidence, resilience, creative and critical thinking and provide them with avenues back into education or inform them on additional pathway options. During the program, students built confidence in a safe, unique off-site experience that inspires creative opportunities.

This free alternative learning program was set up to nurture and re-engage students who faced challenges coming to school and who weren’t feeling socially or emotionally connected within their school community. Students were nominated by Vincentia High Schools Wellbeing Team. 

Curious and Creative is a collaboration between Vincentia High School, BCR Communities and Firefly Bay and Basin. All activities are delivered by qualified people, experienced in working with young people. 

If you would like to talk to us about this program or are interested in supporting young people in our community, please reach out here.

Some of our previous and current partners include; Beyond Empathy, 54 Reasons, Headspace Nowra

Supporting Partners

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