Empowering Youth: Ask, Amplify, Act mini-documentary released 

Youth Voice Project - WSU visit

Vincentia, 15th February 2024
In an atmosphere of excitement and celebration, Vincentia High School welcomed the highly anticipated Youth Voice Project video “Empowering Youth: Ask, Amplify, Act”, which premiered today. The Performance Space at Vincentia High School buzzed with anticipation as participants, families, and the school community gathered for a unique visual journey that captured the heart of the Youth Voice Project. 

The Performance Space provided an ideal backdrop for unveiling this 10-minute mini-documentary crafted by Kangaroo Valley Filmmaker Harry Kielly and an information session about Phase 2 of this unique project run by Firefly Bay and Basin.

The afternoon’s highlight was undeniably the premiere of the Youth Voice documentary. As the video rolled, the audience embarked on a visual narrative, reliving the participants’ transformative journey through Phase 1 of the Youth Voice Project. The video, a fusion of dedication, passion, and the distinct perspectives of the youth left an enduring impact on all attendees. 

Beyond the video premiere, the Firefly team spoke about the initial project stages, including the survey, survey results, the four pitches presented in October 2023 and the roadmap put together by Western Sydney University. The Firefly team also unveiled their ambitious plans for Phase 2 in 2024. 

Watch the “Empowering Youth: Ask, Amplify, Act” documentary below.

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