Uniting Youth at the Skate Park for Youth Week!

The Youth Week Festival was a celebration and a platform for raising awareness about the needs and aspirations of the youth.
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On April 21st, 2023, Sanctuary Point Skate Park came alive with vibrant energy as the Firefly’s Youth Week Festival took place, marking Youth Week. The festival brought together over 150 individuals from the area, fostering a sense of community and belonging while celebrating the potential and creativity of local youth. This festival was made possible through the collaborative efforts of several community organisations, including Shoalhaven City Council, Changing Tide, 54 Reasons, BCR Communities, Flagstaff, Youth Insearch, South Coast First Aid, St Georges Basin Junior Rugby League Club, APM, Vincentia High School (VHS) Aboriginal Dance Troop, Bay and Basin Community Radio, and Sanctuary Point Community Pride Inc. Totem Skateboarding attended the event to run skateboarding workshops and a skate comp.

The Youth Week Festival was a celebration and a platform for raising awareness about the needs and aspirations of the youth. With funding from the NSW Office of Regional Youth‘s Holiday Break Program, Firefly Bay and Basin and Shoalhaven City Council, the event was designed to empower young individuals and encourage them to take an active role in their community.

The festival commenced with a heartfelt and respectful “Welcome to Country” ceremony led by the VHS Aboriginal Dance Troop. This gesture paid tribute to the land’s traditional custodians, acknowledging their enduring connection to the country and their culture. The solemnity of this opening act set the tone for the day’s festivities, as it emphasised the importance of unity and inclusivity.

As the day progressed, the atmosphere became a joyful and fun-filled carnival of activities. The skate park became the focal point, attracting enthusiasts eager to showcase their skills on wheels. Local skaters, both novices and experts, participated in free workshops by Totem Skateboarding. This allowed them to demonstrate their prowess on the ramps and rails, inspiring and cheering each other on. The skateboarding sessions facilitated by Totem Skateboarding provided a safe and supportive environment for these young athletes to thrive.

Beyond skateboarding, the Youth Week Festival offered an array of activities, from VR Experience with Verb Syndicate, table tennis matching with Youth Insearch, getting creative with 54 Reasons, improving ball handling skills with the St Georges Rugby League Club, learning CPR skills with South Coast First Aid to name just a few.

The Youth Week Festival exemplified the spirit of community coming together. It offered a fun day of youth activities and allowed community organisations to collaborate and support the youth.

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