Empowering Youth through Photography

Shane at Bikes in the Basin holding his photos

Shane, owner of Bikes on the Basin, proudly shows off his two abstract macro photos taken by Emma and Emily from the Curious and Creative program.

Sanctuary Point based businesses Bikes on the Basin, Jervis Bay Florist and Plough and Harrow kindly allowed participants of Curious and Creative, a program to re-engage young people from Vincentia High School in the community, to take photos to explore the world around them through photography.

The photography project aimed to encourage its participants to explore their surroundings and local community through the lens of a camera. Through workshops and hands-on experiences, students learnt the art and technicalities of photography, honing their skills and developing a keen eye for capturing the essence of their subjects.

Firefly Bay and Basin and BCR Communities led the weekly photography workshops, where participants were introduced to various photography techniques, including composition, lighting, and editing, enabling them to experiment and refine their craft. The workshops also delve into the power of visual storytelling, encouraging participants to consider the narratives they can convey through their photographs.

The Curious and Creative program continues to empower its young individuals, this time through the art of photography and visual storytelling. These young artists have captured moments, told stories, and provoked thought, ultimately transforming how they interpret things in their lives through the lens. The Curious and Creative facilitation team would like to thank the businesses that supported the students in their art marking.

To learn more about this innovative project between Vincenita High School, Firefly Bay and Basin, and BCR Communities, click here.

The photos below are of the Curious & Creative Showcase on April 5, 2023, where their impressive works, encompassing beautiful photography, ceramics, and woodwork, were on display. The event served as a platform for the students to display their talents and skills, which they had honed throughout the term.

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